Factory standard 

What is ISO 22716?

ISO 22716 is a management standard for cosmetic manufacturers conforming to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and is in line with the European Union’s new Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. The ISO22716: 2007 obtains requirements covering the management of Production quality control, storage, packaging and labels, retractability, as well as document control systems and records quality, storage control and transportation of cosmetic products, including guidelines for managing various factors affecting the quality of cosmetic products.

What is the GMP ASEAN standard?

GMP ASEAN is a system based on ISO 9001.The main specification of “Best practice criteria in the production of cosmetics in ASEAN or “ASEAN GMP” is in line with the ISO 9001 quality management system standards. According to the comparison of specifications, the application in accordance with the guidelines of this standard still need to focus on building structure, facilities, raw materials, production equipment and staff in order to reduce contamination from sources that may be the cause of these contaminations. Another significant issue is the raw materials and production formulas that must be approved prior to (Formulation) production and distribution, whereby a confirmation of the safety of raw materials for the development of quality and safety standard systems for cosmetic products is required.  Currently, the consultants recommend companies to have a management in accordance with the ASEAN Cosmetic, which is updated and suitable for the current situation, including to increase trade opportunities and the acceptance by the AEC. The Asia’s cosmetic law is a management of basic quality and safety management systems and can also be developed into safe cosmetic measures, such as the preparation of PIF-Product Information File to prove the safety of the product.

What is Green Industry?

An industry committed to operate an environmentally friendly businesses for sustainable development with a focus on the following 3 subjects
1. Development and improvement of production process efficiency
2. Environmental management for continuous improvement
3. Responsibility for the social and environment, both inside and outside of the organization (throughout the supply chain)